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Artichoke Greengrocers

Posted by Steven_Coogan on March 6, 2015

Tell us a bit about your business?

We are high end grocers in the centre of Hampstead and have been part of Hampstead village life for 40 years. The shop was first run by my dad Brian, and the current shop was a vision by my son Charlie who had the ideas that we run with today. We have recently added a cold press juice bar which is bringing lots of locals in every morning for their shot of wheatgrass. Goodness before they go of to work.

What do you love most about Hampstead and what makes it different to other areas of London?

I love  the Hampstead Village feeling and all it has to offer, with the tremendous support we have received from all the local residents, I hope we will be here for another 40 years. What were your motivations for starting the business? We realised people didn’t want to shop on line, they were forced to, by local independents and being forced out by supermarket chains. We continued with the family tradition and it worked.

What are your biggest challenges as an independent?

Our aim is to use as many small  independent farms organic and non organic English and European produce as is possible. We also aim for top quality at sensible prices.

Besides yourselves, what’s your favourite independent Hampstead business?

There are several we like in the Village, mainly the local shops that have retained a personal service, where the owners know their customers.

What could local people be doing more of to help Hampstead traders?

There are so few places left in London that are like Hampstead  it has the feel of a country village, yet in the centre of London. Local people should and are becoming aware of this and more and more are supporting local traders.

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